Cohesive Solutions and the Nuclear Industry

In the late 1950’s the public became aware of a new source of energy for electricity production, nuclear power. The USA was a pioneer of nuclear power development as the first fully commercial pressurized water reactor (PWR) was developed in 1960. Since then nuclear power generation has had setbacks, government policy changes and eventually technology advancements. Today, nuclear is reviving its presence as a clean energy source and generates nearly 20% of all electricity in the U.S.

As the nuclear industry evolved over the last five decades, Cohesive Solutions has been implementing maintenance systems at nuclear utilities for nearly 30 years. No other firm offers equivalent history and experience implementing the full complement of systems and solutions for nuclear operations and maintenance. We bring a unique blend of knowledge around the Standard Nuclear Performance Model with commercial product expertise with solutions like IBM Maximo®, EMPAC®, SAP®, and Curator. Cohesive is recognized by our peers, partners, and customers as being the best of the best, making us the go-to partner to nuclear utilities implementing the IBM Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution.

Cohesive History

In 1991, prior to forming Cohesive Solutions, the four founding partners began collaborating on a project to implement a commercial off-the-shelf work management system at the Fitzpatrick and Indian Point Three nuclear stations. Three of the future partners offered nuclear subject matter expertise to the project stemming from earlier careers within nuclear utilities. The fourth, working for the software vendor, addressed the functional requirements and technical refinement of the final solution.

In the early ‘90s, commercial work management solutions were just coming onto the nuclear scene, with the majority of existing solutions having been developed in-house by their respective utilities. Assisting nuclear operators with their transition to commercial work management systems, in essence, was the genesis of our company, whereby we collectively blended our nuclear industry expertise with commercial product knowledge. This combination enabled Cohesive to become a specialist that focused on nuclear asset management, while product management for commercial software products was focused on developing common capabilities for multiple industries other than nuclear. 

By 1994, the founding partners collectively began offering services to utilities looking to implement commercial solutions and other utilities needing recover failing projects. In 1998, and at the request of one such customer, the partners incorporated Cohesive Solutions to lead the implementation of Indus EMPAC across Nuclear, Fossil, Transmission, and Substation at Wisconsin Public Service (WPS). The WPS project led to implementations of EMPAC at the newly formed Nuclear Management Company’s fleet of six nuclear sites across the midwestern U.S.. While running these projects, prior relationships with the original developers of Maximo (PSDI/MRO Software) led to requests for Cohesive to assist with market positioning and the introduction of Maximo into the nuclear industry. 

In 2004, MRO Software extended the Cohesive relationship to include product management support and further positioning of Maximo Nuclear to the marketplace. Approximately 18 months prior to the initial release of Maximo for Nuclear Power, Cohesive developed the first prototype configuration of Maximo that incorporated the Standard Nuclear Performance Model requirements. This prototype was utilized for product demonstration purposes and helped MRO Software and IBM to acquire Constellation, Southern Company, and TVA as nuclear customers.

Energy Policy Act 2005 - This act provided a much-needed stimulus for investment in electricity infrastructure including nuclear power. New reactor construction got underway in 2012, giving way to much more demand and interest in the resource areas of technology and process management.

Today, the landscape of commercial products is entirely different from the ‘90s.  IBM for instance has a multi-threaded focus on product management which affords the marketplace to take advantage of industry solutions for nuclear, transmission and distribution, and oil and gas for instance.  Given this, Cohesive Solutions continues to dominate the consulting space for nuclear asset and work management on Maximo. Our heavy nuclear background affords us the distinction of still being the only non-customer Development Partner to the IBM Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution. 

The Cohesive Solutions portfolio of nuclear customers include utilities with large fleet operations like Dominion, First Energy, TVA, Southern Company, and Constellation/Exelon, including early fleet owner-operators like New York Power Authority and Ohio Edison.  Single station projects encompassed a variety of related projects at Duane Arnold, Kewaunee, Monticello, Nine Mile Point, Palisades, Palo Verde, Point Beach, Prairie Island, and Wolf Creek respectively.

Nuclear is the #1 Source of Emission-Free Electricity in America, and we will need 33% more electricity by 2050. This moment in time is the most intricate in all of history for determining safe and clean nuclear energy for the next 100 years.

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