Nuclear power plants run at an average of 92% of their capacity, generating electricity at a much more efficient rate than other sources of electricity. Cohesive Solutions supports the alignment of technology and processes such as operational excellence of power plants based on existing or new solutions and system guidance. This includes process design plus Enterprise Asset Management and Plant Life-cycle Management solutions aimed at both the extension of existing nuclear power plant life, as well as streamlining new construction.

Contributing to the Nuclear Promise

Nuclear power plants maintain the highest standard for operational safety, security, cyber-security and emergency preparedness. The industry’s comprehensive safety procedures and stringent federal regulations keep our plants and neighboring communities safe. Our history of successfully leading and supporting implementation projects in the Nuclear Power industry dates back to 1991. The typical profile of these engagements are the implementations of contemporary best-of-breed technologies (IBM Maximo®, Indus EMPAC®, and SAP®) and supporting processes based upon the leading practices as defined by present industry regulatory bodies (NRC, INPO, NEI, ANS, etc.).

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Technology Enabled Process Improvement

IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power supports industry requirements by modeling nuclear objects, surveillance requirements, lineups, clearances, impact plans, permits, and condition reports.

Organizations using Maximo Nuclear address asset management beyond traditional maintenance to include advanced nuclear-related processes and capabilities for plant operations, including:

  • corrective action
  • configuration management
  • procurement engineering
  • permitting
  • automated clearance and tagging
  • operator rounds
The process integration provided by Maximo Nuclear enables operations and maintenance to  work together seamlessly. This results in safer, more reliable, and regulatory compliant plant operation.  

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