Manufacturing organizations are now adopting CMMS/EAM platforms more than ever. Manufacturers depend on physical assets, from fleet vehicles to production facilities, to produce and deliver high-quality goods and services to their customers. Each of these complex assets must be tracked, controlled and maintained to maximize production, reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability. With a combination of your EAM system and Cohesive's Propel Performance Management services, you can fully optimize your operations.  

Cohesive Solutions helps manufacturers achieve operational excellence. Learn more about our Performance Management solution, Propel

Overall plant production capacity is influenced by its maintenance strategy, becoming PROACTIVE instead of reactive can enable a savings by 70% in maintenance costs. Getting started is the trickiest part, the first initial steps are to identify your assets and measures:

- Utilization - how often is it used?
- Reliability - how well do you trust the data? or How well does the asset really work?
- Costs - How much does the asset, the team or the process cost to run?

If you are ready to focus on these essential areas, we are here to help you define that strategy. 

Extending Enterprise Assets