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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Propel™ and its unique value proposition?

Propel is a Performance Management solution for teams tasked with measuring performance and managing continuous improvement. Propel accelerates the time to value - you can optimize your Asset Management Program  in less than three weeks.  

Propel combines advanced business intelligence capabilities that include metrics and KPIs for enterprise asset management with applications that enable teams to define and manage continuous improvement initiatives.

In just days, you can begin to:

    • Monitor - business performance using standardized metrics and analytics for your asset management objectives.
    • Automate -  background monitoring of measures to ensure your organization is informed in real time of performance and arising conditions in the business.
    • Enable - teams to define and manage the actions associated with continuous improvement.
    • Engage - organizations to communicate and collaborate on continuous improvement initiatives.

What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is an objective-driven process used by high performing organizations that focuses on the health and management of key business processes to ensure organizational alignment and effectiveness in achieving  business objectives.

How will Propel help me get more value out of my Maximo investment?

Asset management business processes are as much assets to an organization as the physical ones they maintain to sustain operations.

Propel turns Maximo data into visual and actionable information so that organizations can optimize their asset management programs to improve asset health and reliability.  

What makes Propel different from other BI and Dashboard tools?

Propel provides business intelligence capabilities out of the box.  Unlike a tools-based approach, organizations can be up and running with Propel in just days.

There is no data discovery, no tools, no metric development, and no data transformation. We've overcome the need for a BI project by creating a working solution out of the box.

What does Propel do for me that I can’t do with all of the Maximo reporting options?

Maximo has a number of reporting options; however, these tools do not provide the advanced capabilities for evaluating data quality, managing performance, and team communication and collaboration across performance improvement initatives. 

Propel is the only solution that provides the following advanced capabilities:

  • Directed visibility – Simple and straightforward view of business process performance.
  • Alignment – Ensures business processes focus on the objectives they are intended to acheive.
  • Trust – Quantify data quality and confidence within the context of performance measures and overlay this trust factor on all metrics and kpis.
  • Continuous improvement - Manage the organizational initatives taken to improve performance.
  • Automation – Background monitoring of performance and initiation of pre-planned actions to address conditions arising in the business.
  • Collaboration – Engagement and communication between individuals tasked with managing continuous improvement initiatives.

How can Propel help me improve upon data quality issues?

Propel's process-centric data model can consume data from any EAM system.  Propel is delivered with a connector for IBM Maximo which allows organizations to quickly load their data into Propel.  Connectors to other systems can be created in minutes using Propel's embedded ETL capabilities.

Who in my organization would use Propel?

Anyone involved with your asset management program, including:

  • Process Owners
  • Performance Improvement Teams
  • Reliability Teams
  • Managers

How much IT support will I need to implement and use Propel?

Very little ! 

Propel was designed as business solution that can be implemented without adding to the work load of your IT resources.

What are the deployment options for Propel?

Propel can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

How do I go about implementing Propel?

Propel is implemented very rapidly, returning value in a matter of days using its library of pre-configured industry metrics.

A two week “Quick Start” implemenation package offers the following:

  • Education in the concepts and competencies of Performance Management.
  • Initial solution enablement set-up.
  • Initial data load (or refresh).
  • Strategic planning workshop: This workshop will be approximately 2-4 hours and will focus on establishing an initial business objective framework and hierarchy to provide proper context for business process measures and KPI’s.
  • Metric/Data Alignment workshops (typically 1-2 hours each) to establish an initial set of metrics and KPI’s.   The scope and quantity of metrics to be addressed in the initial Start-up period will be determined based on how many metrics are already defined and factors such as the business priority and value of the metrics, business readiness, alignment with existing metrics in the Propel data model, and the quality of the source data. We will define and configure as many metrics and KPI’s as time allows within the quick-start services package.
  • Initial Propel orientation and training (Power User).

Beyond the Quick Start package, additional services can be provided to define additional KPI’s and proceed down a performance management path.  This will lead your organization towards operational excellence which typically involves a sequence of steps for each strategic objective:

  • Clearly identifying objectices and their associated business processes for asset management.
  • Aligning your metric definitions with implemented processes and data.
  • Establishing the rules for data quality and confidence to ensure trust in your measures.
  • Baselining performance in order to identify achievable goals moving forward.
  • Confirming the ownership and accountability for objectives, measures, and continuous improvement initiatives.

How can I utilize Propel when I already know I have very poor data quality?

No worries!

The data screening capabilities in Propel will ensure that the metric and kpi visualizations are produced using the trustworthy anomaly free data.

Propel overlays each metric with an indicator of the percentage of the trusted data respective of the entire available data.

Users can then begin to identify the impediments that cause the data anomalies and implement initiatives in Propel to remove them.

What kind of data can I load into Propel?

Propel's process-centric data model can consume data from any EAM system.  Propel is delivered with a connector for IBM Maximo which allows organizations to quickly load their data into Propel.  Connectors to other systems can be created in minutes using Propel's embedded ETL capabilities.

How does my Maximo data get into Propel?

Propel connects to your Maximo data via secure JDBC connection and transmits data to the Propel service.   After the initial data load, updates are typically scheduled to run during off-hours, transmitting only new or changed data. You have control on when Propel is refreshed.

Once in Propel how is my data secured?

Propel employs industry standard methods to ensure data is safe, secure, and available only to registered users. 

Propel uses multiple security protocals that include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server authentication and data encryption, IP address authentification, active directory integration, virtual private cloud, and application user password authentication.

How is Propel licensed?

Propel can be licensed a number of ways.  Please contact Cohesive to discuss the right approach for your organization.

What is Operational Excellence?

Operation Excellence is the ideal state of an organization and culture that occurs when individuals at all levels focus on improving everything they do.

Propel Performance Management for Maximo
What Is Performance Management?

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