This new implementation includes a comprehensive scope of processes and technology, with full regulatory compliance date tracking, GIS, SCADA integrations and new mobility.

About the Client:

With more than eight decades of energy-field experience in the Rocky Mountain Region, the skilled professionals at WBI Energy can provide a variety of energy field services to help customers maximize profit potential. Their energy services portfolio includes: Transmission Services, Midstream Services, and Corrosion Services.

WBI Energy has 335 employees and is a part of the MDU Resources Group family of companies.  As part of a large energy-focused corporation, they are connected to a wide array of resources that help provide customized solutions for our customers – both large and small. They support 1.1 million customers, and one billion tons of aggregate reserves. In 2018 they transported a record volume of natural gas for the second year in a row.

Client Business Challenge:

WBI previously operated under outdated processes which affected their compliance tracking. This resulted in a heightened potential for compliance violations and an overall non-standardized work routine. When the work routine is not standard across the organization, data quality, training, work-related injuries and duplication can become a problem. And of course - all of these things affect efficiency and revenue. At one time, this client was close to a 10% impact in revenue because of their outdated processes.

Solution:  IBM Maximo and a Team of Experts

The project applied a transformational approach to addressing Regulatory Compliance-based Work Management, using IBM Maximo Anywhere as the primary user interface and a GIS Integration using IBM Maximo Spatial. The project involved a complex transformation from paper records consisting of 30,000+ locations and their respective assets. The year-long project included an in-depth reconciliation of the U.S. DOT PHMSA inspection and environmental requirements resulting in the creation of 5,800 preventive maintenance plans, associated routes and 500+ job plans.

WBI selected IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas as their EAM system of choice because they found it as a solution to...

  • Mitigate Compliance Risk
  • Capture and standardize work practices
  • Automate work management processes
  • Federate GIS data into the solution
  • Actively Track compliance activities
  • Foster growth with the organization

In addition to a Maximo implementation with our team, WBI opted for the following add-on solutions to streamline their work processes:

  • Mobile: They ran Maxmo Anywhere as their mobile solution on smart devices (iPads and iPhones). Maximo anywhere provides a set of resources for building and deploying mobile apps that integrate with IBM Maximo asset management
  • Cloud: A cloud environment was selected because the install would be a one-time only activity, the speed of deployment was increased, and the costs were similar in comparison. Projetech's Software as a Service (SaaS) provided WBI with a secure and dedicated Maximo environment in the cloud.
  • Change Management: The move from paper to a mobile solution made significant impact on WBI's field workers. The Cohesive Solutions team walked WBI's implementation team through training on Maximo Anywhere and Maximo Spatial, enabling them visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features.


This new implementation offers a holistic approach to their asset management program and will drive safe and reliable operations for the company and their customers. With support from Cohesive Solutions this client has implemented leading practices and built the foundation to ensure regulatory compliance and manage equipment reliability and integrity.

WBI’s accomplishments fit within a few key areas most organizations can relate to:

  • Added value by reducing daily manual tasks
  • Reduction of paper
  • Structured work practices
  • Real time PROACTIVE compliance visibility, positively impacting revenues
  • Tags matching in Maximo, on drawings and in the field

This implementation touched every aspect of Asset Management and Work Management while providing advanced technical solutions for a challenging work environment.

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Client Industry:

Oil & Gas

Services and Solutions Used:

IBM Maximo Implementations

Maximo Anywhere

IBM Maximo Spatial

Change Management

Maximo as a Service - Hosting in the Cloud









“Moving away from paper onto a streamlined,
robust, mobile environment is critical to ensuring verifiable compliance, safety,
and accuracy of information for decision making. Organizations like this one are a leading example of what world class
asset management looks like,”
- Scott MacMillan,
Principal of Cohesive Solutions.
"This effort has enabled WBI Energy to significantly shorten the turnaround between what happens in the field and what is known
in the office. This allows business to move quickly and make better-informed decisions
as it grows while also reducing risk."
- Stephen Miller,
Practice Leader of Energy
and Utilities at Cohesive Solutions