About the Client:

The client is an American global aerospace and defense technology provider and one of the largest arms traders in the world. Its four key business areas are: Aerospace Systems, Mission Systems, Technology Systems and Innovation Systems.

Client Business Challenge:

The client sought an independent perspective on the facilities maintenance implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) processes, and how IBM Maximo can manage and automate those processes. They contracted Cohesive Solutions to perform a Maximo Maturity Assessment to inventory current processes as implemented in Maximo in order to identify challenges that exist and opportunities to improve. The client's goal was to manage and automate the processes around Maximo.

Solution - EAM Maturity Assessments

Cohesive Solutions’ assessments team conducted an inventory on current processes as implemented in Maximo in order to identify challenges that exist, opportunities to improve, and to provide recommendations to achieve those opportunities. The client’s scope was divided into 12 logical areas of assessment. 350 Value drivers were evaluated across 54 processes. The Cohesive team interviewed several key decision makers throughout the evaluation to gather insight into roles and processes. Cohesive then compared the results of their findings to other similar organizations. This provided the client with the independent benchmarks.


After the assessment, the client received findings in a summary of results broken down into five key areas: Procurement, Warehouse Management, Reliability, Work Management, Asset Management. The client was given the following deliverables:

Findings – analysis of the current state of processes and system utilization throughout several areas including: Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Outage (STO), Warehouse Management, Procurement, and IT.

Recommendations –A list of opportunities, categorized by a combination of effort and duration (short, medium, and long-term) and potential impact and value (low, medium, high)

Proposed roadmap- A timeline of the recommendations was delivered,  and included sequential dependencies, implementation approaches and other critical success factors.

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Client Industry:

Aerospace & Defense

Services and Solutions Used:

  - Maximo EAM Consulting Services

- Asset Management Maturity Assessments

- Propel Performance Management



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Need to Assess



"The findings provide both a narrative and quantitative ‘score’ for each Value Driver, Process and Area and forms the basis for developing a Strategic Roadmap aimed at filling gaps, addressing deficiencies and capitalizing on successes.  This baseline can be used to evaluate the impact of improvement initiatives as well as the sustainment of their outcomes."

- Anthony Honaker | VP of Product Strategy & Development at Cohesive Solutions