What is Maximo Anywhere?

Maximo Anywhere easily confused with Maximo Everyplace. Who comes up with these names anyway? Is designed to work in a hybrid connected and disconnected environment. Unlike Mobile and Everyplace that connect directly to Maximo, Anywhere connects through a MobileFirst server. MobileFirst is a company purchased by IBM that allows the creation of mobile applications . This is a powerful tool that will allow clients to distribute applications from the MobileFirst application center, similar to the Android Play Store. The current release of Anywhere runs on Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 devices. 

Maximo Anywhere also allows users to take advantage of maps to see routes and get turn by turn directions to the work orders assigned to them.It enables your mobile workforce to:

  • Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected.
  • Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices.
  • Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions.
  • Reduce data entry errors and miscommunications by allowing users to simply do their work – even while disconnected.
Learn More from IBM or View Cohesive Solutions' power point on Maximo Anywhere.